Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We say "so long" to 2014 as I put an old project to bed for good...

Hey folks!  It's been awhile!  I didn't want to go an entire calendar year without a post, so here's the Golf Monster's 2014 post of the year! I can't promise more for 2015, but figure on seeing a little more activity on here.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you a few videos I've edited down over the years.  Way back in 1986, some folks in Maryland hauled a camcorder out to a Judas Priest and Dokken show.  Their fifteen minute short "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" made the rounds in tape trading circles for years until the beauty of YouTube brought it to a wide audience.

Flash forward fifteen years to 2001, several stars of my old "Dorm Days: The Penthouse Chronicles" stories, VodkaRob, Jose', Crazy Pete and I scored tickets to the AC/DC concert here in Salt Lick.  It was a momentous occasion, in that they hadn't been to Salt Lake for SEVEN whole years after a kid got trampled in their previous appearance. We honestly thought they'd never be back again!  That being said, as of tonight it's been almost 14 goddamn years since they've been back, but I digress.  One thing I never tire of is hearing dudes yell "FUCK YEAH" and ladies scream "WOOOOOO" so we "borrowed" a camera from the info-tech department and decided to document this tremendous occasion.  Keep in mind, we were horrible people in college at the time.  But here is that first video we made:

Several years later, we attempted the same thing at a Motley Crue show.  Unfortunately, the venue's parking services had VodkaRob, Jose' and I park roughly ten goddamn miles from the venue.  So instead we shot an ode to our favorite beer at the time, Pabst Blue Ribbon.  "Why Pabst?" you may ask.  Because it won a goddamn Blue Ribbon.  Never mind it was 120 years ago.  It still won the goddamn Blue Ribbon!  Not our finest effort, but hey, we were half-drunk at the time.

Terrible right?  Anyway, we hung up the camera for several years until I decided to drag it out one night with my old pal Little Nick's little brother Chris.  He and I attended Ozzy Osbourne's first show here in Salt Lick in many moons.  Because, again, random dudes yelling "FUCK YEAH" and ladies "WOOOOO"-ing before damn near getting hit by a car is the highest of the high comedy.
Better.  My editing skills, while still highly suspect got a little better that go-around, and found quite a few highly inebriated folks to participate.  The relative success of Ozzy/Zombie Parking Lot (1900 views and counting!  Look out Too Many Cooks!), gave us the bug to go hair farming again, leading to what I consider our magnum opus.  Poison Parking Lot, shown in two parts because YouTube used to have a ten-minute time-limit on uploads.  People love showing off for the camera.  What they're showing off, I have no idea, but I'll be damned if we didn't have a good time making these.

After VodkaRob, Jose' and I shot these, we actually registered the domain name, and formed an LLC that this blog was originally going to be a part of called Monkey With A Crayon.  Unfortunately (not really), we all kinda had to grow up a little bit. Work got in the way, a few of the guys started families, and UtahConcertFilms and Monkey With A Crayon as a concept faded into the background and eventually fizzled completely.  Or did it?  Stay tuned....

Here's to letting the good times roll in 2015! 

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